Welcome to the dc&ho

The Digital Communication & Health Observatory
is a place full of curiosityeach day we ask ourselves
hundreds of questions related to health
and how we thinkexpress and share it.  

Our main interest is in generating new knowledge,
in seing the invisible, and in developing studiesmodels and
communication strategies that are in any way
relevant to human health.

We interact with governments, the academy,
universitiesscientific organizationscompaniesthe third sector, and the people,
using digital tools to study and understand
the choreography of communities when talking about health

What we do


Attributive, relational and ideational studies on dialogues, communities, actors and perceptions


Communication strategies based on data, identity and bond


Digital communication training for health science professionals


Analysis of cases, dynamics and communication processes related to health


Scientific publications focused on the intersection between communication and health


Generation of informative and educational content for multiplatform media

Labs & Consortia

Our subject of study (how we imagine, think, talk about, explain and share the health) is so complex and varied, that in some way
we have to organize ourselves!
We have chosen to start in the following areas, but more will
probably develop over time.
Each laboratory can be made up of one or more consortia, which are lines of research in collaboration with third parties.
Barometers are thematically focused projects, offering regular updates.


Perception Lab

We believe that health is a social subject and its definition and understanding are given by consensus. In this laboratory we observe how health is understood and seen in different groups and conjunctions


Digital Identity Lab

Emerging media are basically platforms of identity creation and management. How do they work, develop and interact in digital contexts and ecosystems?


Health & Culture Lab

Health not only has a medical and sanitary existence, but it is also a cultural asset. What we understand by health, well-being or being healthy and how we put these values into circulation, are things that this laboratory studies


Influence Lab

People exert and are attracted by the influence of others. How does that influence work in certain groups? Do we often confuse influence with popularity, authority and reputation?


Distribution Lab

All content, dialogue pieces, identities and ideas reach us through distribution networks. Virality, for example, is one of its dynamics... How do ideas about health circulate among us?


Behavioral Lab

Digital communities and the diverse identities within them act according to a wide variety of patterns and dynamics. Detraction, support, mutual contrast and association, are some of them...


About dc&ho

We live in a world where mediality is often our only radar for reality.
Get back in touch with it and develop visualizations of the invisible is a way of meeting again and recognizing ourselves.
At dc&ho we study processes, dynamics and phenomena of communication around health so that we all have a healthier mirror in which to look at ourselves.

Find out about the activity of our laboratories, and let's look together for ways of collaboration...

Who we are

We say all the time that we love questions. If yours is ``Who are you?`` we respond like this:

Always Welcome to the dc&ho

See the invisible, create new knowledge...